Adam Davies

  My photographs show landscapes and architectural structures that are hidden, over- looked, or on the periphery. These sites contain complicated and conflicting histories. I am fascinated by dissonance: between order and disorder, beauty and neglect, wealth and poverty. While … Read More

Hathaway Contemporary Gallery | Atlanta | Interview with Laura Hathaway

©HathawayContemporary   Nancy McCrary: Laura, I want to congratulate you on your relatively new gallery in Atlanta, Hathaway Contemporary. Tell us about your background, and what brought you to open a gallery. Laura Hathaway: Thank you. It is interesting how I ended … Read More

Loli Kantor | Hip Pocket Theatre

  “One unmatched treasure in Fort Worth is the outdoor playground of Hip Pocket Theatre” –American Theatre Magazine                     ‘You Can Find Heaven on a Biscuit’ – Johnny Simons     It was at the Hip Pocket Theatre where … Read More

Saultopaul | A documentary film by John Henry Summerour

©CarynWaechter   Atlanta-based artist Susan Cofer, along with her husband, Carl, a self-styled intellectual cowboy approaching his 80th birthday, invited Georgia-born filmmaker John Henry Summerour to spend a year documenting Saultopaul, an 1100-acre farm in the Georgia mountains, populated by … Read More

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