Red Boots
Red Boots

I frequently walk on Cheshire Bridge Road to photograph people in their environment. Initially, I only captured images from outside of the buildings. Then I got up enough courage to go inside. I slowly established a trust with people on the street. That trust has allowed me a glimpse into their lives – ones that are often unnoticed.–Teri Darnell

Cheshire Bridge Road pre-dates the city of Atlanta. Cheshire Bridge Road was originally a farming corridor that attracted settlers in the early 1800s. It remained agricultural until the early 20th century, when suburban development and then commerce moved into the area. By the 1970s, the more affluent residents began moving further from Atlanta, creating opportunities for low rent businesses on Cheshire Bridge Road. Many of these establishments are now known as Atlanta’s Red Light District.
Cheshire Bridge is an iconic road that is famous for having many adult entertainment establishments, local restaurants, and small businesses. Recently rediscovered, Cheshire Bridge Road is an attractive infill location between Atlanta’s two largest employment areas, Buckhead and Midtown. Now developers are scrambling to assemble the most affordable in-town properties.
Some of the establishments are being destroyed to make way for high-end apartments and mixed-use properties. Cheshire Bridge Road is on the radar for gentrification and the area is going full circle. Affluent residents once moved out of the city, and new ones are coming back.


Bio: Teri Darnell is a street photographer whose concentration is photographing unique people and places on and around Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta, Georgia.

2015 Juried Exhibitions

8th Julia Margaret Cameron Award: Finalist


Atlanta Photography Group

  • Portfolio 2015
  • Mary Stanley Selects


Showcase School of Photography

  • Shots 15: Received Honorable Mention award