A combination of backgrounds in niche magazines and fine art photography lead me to found South x Southeast Photomagazine in 2011. SxSE is an online publication that features fine art, documentary, and illustrative photography of the American Southeast. Through interviews and feature galleries, book previews, photo gallery and museum news we highlight the work of photographers who either reside in the American South or travel here to photograph our culture, beauty, and resources.

Among our other brands, SxSE Photoworkshops is distinct in their selection of diverse instructors noted for their work in fine art or documentary photography, and often the pairing of the workshop experience with an opening, symposium, festival or other photography event. ( And South x Southeast Photo Gallery wraps bricks and mortar around them all while showing group and solo shows of emerging and established artists. (

We hope you’ll join us in enjoying all of our products. And thank you for being here today.








Nancy McCrary

Assistant to the Publisher

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Associate Editor

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Copy Editor

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Matthew Rond

All images throughout the South x Southeast websites are the copyright of the photographer and may not be used without written permission from the photographer and SxSE magazine.

Image credit: Lenten Roses ©Nancy McCrary