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South x Southeast Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in advertising with South x Southeast! Our mission is to serve our dedicated photography-centric subscriber base who is in search of a good read, a workshop, an online gallery exhibition, an original fine art photo,and/or entry into our gallery and online exhibition.


Target Audience and Reach

Female: 60%
Male: 40%Education: Bachelors and Advanced DegreesAge: 18-85, predominantly 40-65

Income: Upper Middle to Upper Class, $150k+

Views Annually:165,000+

Views Monthly:13,750+

Subscribers: 10,000+

What is South x Southeast?

In July of 2011, our founder Nancy McCrary used her extensive background in fine art photography and niche magazines to launch South x Southeast Magazine. During the previous 8 years she had served as co-director of the photography festival SlowExposures. Through this experience she recognized a need for emerging and established fine art photographers who are from and working in, the American South to have a platform showcasing their amazing work. Over the years, our geographical boundaries of SxSE, as well as the dedicated subscriber base, have grown steadily beyond the Southern States of America to Worldwide.


SxSE Magazine has showcased the work of over 1,000 photographers, galleries, museums, and book publishers over the last 10 years – exposure that has produced profitable collaborations. With return advertisers from year one such as the High Museum of Art Atlanta, The Frist Art Museum Nashville, University of Mississippi Press, Houston Center for Photography, and many more SxSE Magazine has offered advertisers a niche location for a dedicated subscriber base of photography enthusiasts, collectors, publishers, educators, as well as photographers themselves.

SxSE Workshops established an opportunity for photographers to learn from and interact with the master photographers showcased in our magazine. During the last five years, notable photographers, photo editors, and gallerists such as Elizabeth Avedon, Peter Essick, Molly Roberts, Aline Smithson, Sylvia Plachy, Debbie Fleming Caffery, and many more have taught in studio and on remote location for South x Southeast.

SxSE Galleries, created in 2017, expanded our presence to the bricks-and-mortar art community with the restoration of an old red brick building the historic town of Molena, Georgia, an hour south of Atlanta. With this we began issuing Call for Entries for emerging photographers. The same notable photography experts who taught our workshops, curated our in-person exhibits, as well as our online gallery. In 2018 we moved the gallery to the restored barn built-in 1930 on Nancy McCray’s fourth-generation farm. South x Southeast Gallery continues to hang exhibitions every 8 weeks, as well as sell the work of these photographers online.

SxSE Shop is where our readers go to submit for our Call for Entries and to purchase original prints, books, and more.



Beginning in 2021 all advertising purchased will be shown on all four websites!

www.sxsemagazine.comSxSE Magazine

www.sxseworkshops.comSxSE Workshops – SxSE Gallery – SxSE Shop


What does that mean for our Advertisers? That means you get four times the exposure to our dedicated photography-centric and fine art subscriber base!

Placement Dates:
February/March April/May June/July
August/September October/November December/January



Mid-Page Banner: 728×90

Bottom-Page Banner: 970×90

Side-Bar Rectangle: 300×250

Side-Bar Square: 250×250



All ads are sold in 1x (2 months), 3x (6 months), and 6x (12 months) sets, and broken into two groups based on company size.

Group A (Less than 50 Employees)


  1x 3x 6x
728×90 $800 $500 $400
970×90 $700 $400 $300
300×250 $500 $350 $300
250×250 $400 $300 $250

All prices are shown per ad


Group B (More than 50 Employees)


  1x 3x 6x
728×90 $3,000 $2,500 $2,000
970×90 $2,500 $2,000 $1,500
300×250 $1,100 $900 $600
250×250 $900 $600 $500

All prices are shown per ad


One Dedicated Article in the Magazine


One Dedicated e-blast to subscribers


250×250 AD Placements in six (6) issues

  $1,500    $3,000



 Will the same ad run on all four websites?

Yes, the same ad in the same location will be on all the websites.

Can I choose a different ad for all four websites?

Unfortunately, No only one ad can be used. Additional Ads will need to be treated as an addition.

If I have an annual contract can I change my ad?

Yes, if payment and ads are presented to SxSE 15 days before publication.

What are the artwork requirements?
The artwork must be submitted at least 15 days before the publication date, and in the dimensions of the selected ad. All artwork files must be submitted in a high-resolution PNG file type. All artwork not meeting requirements can delay ad placement until it is re-submitted.

Is there a discount for multiple ads in the same issue? 

Yes! You receive a 20% discount on the cost of both ads when purchased for the same issue. Are you promoting multiple exhibitions, book publications, or festivals during one issue’s time period? We know the feeling! Advertise them all without paying full rate.


All artwork must be received by South x Southeast at least 15 days before publication. All invoices must be fully paid at least 15 days before publication. Late ad submission and/or late payments will result in your ad not being online on the publication date. All contracts are for consecutive issues.

Bank transfer, credit or debit card, PayPal, or business checks are accepted.

Annual contracts over multiple issues: ads and payments are due 15 days before the publication of each issue. Contracts are for consecutive issues.


To inquire about advertising, please email David Webb, SxSE Marketing and Advertising Director, at, or call 877-637-1957