LOOK3 | Interview with MV Swanson by Nancy McCrary

I recently sat down with Mary Virginia Swanson, the new Director of LOOK3, Festival of the Photograph, to discuss this year’s festival taking place June 13-19th in the lovely town of Charlottesville, Virginia. When you finish reading the interview Click … Read More

Artivism | 香港HK | by Ryan Moore

  In the fall of 2014, thousands of men and women–predominantly students–spontaneously staged a 79-day protest and occupation of three key districts of Hong Kong (Admiralty, Causeway Bay, and Mong Kok), in defense of democratic ideals and in defiance of … Read More

Still Lifes by John Baeder

posted in: Still Life

1930 Clarence Horning Trade Mark Book with 1934 Packard Who doesn’t love magic. Reality and illusion, what the photo-realist’s are all about. We push reality bringing ourselves to our images taking the photograph and using it as a stepping stone … Read More

Still Lifes by Charles Haynes

      Photographing things that don’t move. The importance of texture, color, orchestration. Homage to painting and music. Quiet pursuit. Sometimes I think photography of this nature is a form of meditation. Using digital equipment broadens the experience with … Read More

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