Mothers | Kimberly Chiaris

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Stories put us in touch with our origins, binding us to a collective culture and set a context for understanding ourself and our history. Stories bring identity and add significance to our personal and collective existence. I am interested in … Read More

Election 2020 | What Matters : Charlie McCullers:Ricochet

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Charlie McCullers aim is true in the artfully combined narrative and images of Richochet. McCullers captures in simple, yet profound images of guns confiscated during criminal investigations, the great dichotomy of American freedom. Paired with an essay as lyrical as … Read More

Fertility within Tragedy | Burk Uzzle

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People dying by the thousands. Leadership a horror. World spinning out of control. Unimaginable future. Within tragedy, fertility. We feel, we cry, we say to our souls, survive. Our internal music intensely contrapuntal seeing death and it’s opposite – LIFE … Read More

Mothers | Margot Muir: Mother Earth

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  Mother Earth.  We will lose something deep within ourselves if we allow wilderness to disappear. Wilderness is the core of the natural world and as Roszak (1992:14) points out it is a place where consciously or unconsciously “human nature … Read More

Mothers | De Kwok

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  These photos represent two images of mothers. I caught Shonette in an alley, cradling some flowers and smoking a cigarette. She just got these flowers for Mother’s Day. I love her pose–the way she stares intently into the camera … Read More

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