Sunset on the Marsh, Dewees Island, SC ©NancyMcCrary


In 2017 South x Southeast PhotoWorkshops was invited to host a photography workshop on Dewees Island, South Carolina. Our instructors were the esteemed photographers Peter Essick and Jessica Hines.

Dewees is a barrier island lying 11 miles north of Charleston across the Dewees Inlet. A privately owned residential island, Dewees is accessible only by private boat and the Dewees Island Ferry. The homeowners of Dewees take the ecological and environmental preservation of the island seriously. No roads are paved, there are no private motor vehicles (everyone travels by golf cart) and no commerce is allowed. South x Southeast traveled to Dewees in October, which I think may just be the perfect time of year to visit. The winter bird migration was in full swing, the no see’em and gnat populations were down to tolerable levels, the mornings and evenings were cool, with clear Fall light during the day. Because nature is so respected the wildlife are comfortable walking out onto the roads in front of you, landing beside you on the dock, and looking in your windows at night! It was a nature workshop paradise!

We’d like to thank the people of Dewees for their generosity of spirit, time, and knowledge. We would have been lost without you – literally and figuratively! xx

A few of our students agreed to share images from the 4 days there and their galleries are below. But, first, a gallery of candids to give you a feel for the place.




Lucie Langford Canfield

Born in Calhoun, GA.
Lived in ATL for the past 31 years
Graduated from UGA ’78
Associates degree in Graphic/AD design from Colorado institute of Art

I particularly love to take photos of the order/chaos in nature. There is nothing more beautiful. I keep constantly practicing- trying to capture any image I can that might do justice to my memory of it.




Lisa DuBois




I have spent a long career working as a freelance journalist, writing for all forms of media — newspapers, magazines, television, radio, podcasts, blogs and beyond. About eight years ago, I began learning photography to create photo essays of the fantastic places I’ve visited and the incredible experiences I’ve had the fortune to document. An avid environmentalist, my passion is wildlife photography — in particular, the amazing creatures and flora with whom we share this beautiful planet. Coming from a journalistic mindset, I sometimes play King Solomon and choose to sacrifice art for story. However, in those moments when I can capture both the art and the story in a single image, it sure is a glorious feeling.



BIO – Jo Lynn Still

​I love home as much as anyone you will meet.  My self-directed approach to photography is guided by my curious nature and a genuine interest and respect for all people and places. Routinely, I question the past, consider the now, honor the natural world, and embrace what is good.



Carlos Ribas Monteiro

My short bio is: from Portugal, taking pictures since the early seventies, lately doing mainly street photography but always open to learning and using other forms or subjects: everything interests me!



Richard Eskin

As a trained ecologist I have a different perspective from many photographers in how I approach problems. Being outdoors, in natural settings is part of the context of nature photography for me, and an important part of the experience.  I tend toward tightly composed, intimate images, even on landscapes. I am working with local galleries to explore opportunities in fine art nature photography as a means to share my vision and images. I am seeking to expand to other venues, particularly publication and museums.


My artistic vision is, of course, expressed in what I choose to photograph and how I compose and expose. But it is also keenly expressed in the subsequent process, the digital equivalent of the darkroom, where key decisions are also made. I therefore print all of my own work as I believe that the transition from the film or digital image to the print is a critical aspect of reflecting my own vision, creativity and insight in what I show to others. I try to assure a long tonal range to my images, sufficient contrast to give “snap” to the image, and saturated colors. Paper selection is also a key aspect of the presentation with very different effects from choosing a glossy vs a matte surface. and weekly blog at