Still Lifes by Charles Haynes

      Photographing things that don’t move. The importance of texture, color, orchestration. Homage to painting and music. Quiet pursuit. Sometimes I think photography of this nature is a form of meditation. Using digital equipment broadens the experience with … Read More

Chile by David Foster

posted in: Flora

In 2015, I had the good fortune of enjoying two springs, spending the final months of the year in Chile. With its widely varied eco-systems – from the deserts of the north to the verdant south, from the long coastline … Read More

Rootballs by Ben Marcin

posted in: Flora, Landscape

Rootballs are the silent monuments in the forest.   A rootball represents the end of a long, distinguished life, unwitnessed but for the occasional hunter or hiker rambling through. The dead roots of the exposed bottom are not unlike the … Read More

Marla Puziss

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Most of the time trees, grasses and flowers form the backdrop of our lives outdoors in the natural world. These photos attempt to view them with fresh eyes, exploring their colors and striking architecture, bringing them to the foreground of … Read More

Nous Nous Souvenons by Forest McMullin

posted in: Flora

In the last twenty years or so American cemeteries have become increasingly sterile. Efficiency of mowing has become more important than expressions of grief and remembrance as families are prohibited from planting flowers or leaving mementos. Many cemeteries don’t even … Read More

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