In the simplest of terms, photography is a recording of how light falls across the surface of the subject. The works in Surface Tension are visual accounts of my investigations with seeing rather than looking. I live in the country surrounded by farmland. This is a relatively new experience for me. I find myself mesmerized by the little gifts that show up on my porch or in my yard.
Sunflower Head
Sunflower Head


Artifacts of life that are ever present but often overlooked. I began collecting these treasures and taking a much closer look at them. The evaluation process continued to delve deeper as I got closer and closer. The images reflect this inspection; the pause in the hustle of the daily grind to stop and see the dried leaf, rather than smell the roses! The copperplate photogravure process renders shadow detail in a way that I have yet to experience with any other photographic process. The literal depth created by the etching renders textures in a manner that appears physical. By combining these elements, I am able to craft a print that expresses the wonder and delight of seeing the little things and making art.—Angela Franks Wells


Angela Franks Wells is a photography-based artist who specializes in 19th century photographic processes and is a master at copperplate photogravure. As an educator, she is committed to facilitating creative thinking and skilled making with her students. Her recent creative endeavors are about playful investigation and finding and maintaining levity. Angela is an Assistant Professor of Photography at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, where she enjoys the lush greenery of the south, proper weather storms, and the benefits of natural humidity in the studio.