In order to sell my photo work through galleries, I realized a number of years ago, I must have twist to my photography. After studying mixed media under Jason McGrady, I focused on a beeswax application to coat my photographs. The medium is called encaustic, which means to burn in. This element of heat is necessary for an art or photographic piece to be called encaustic.—Vicki Hunt


img013encaustic AL SXSE


Each photograph is printed, applied to a panel, coated with bees wax and fused with heat. I keep the prints small, then make the final product pop with a great chunky frame. There is no need to use glass, which keeps it simple. I have also incorporated the beeswax coating on photos applied to small boxes.

This series is Southern work that spans the Southeast from South Carolina to Louisiana. Other categories include flowers, stairwells and other architectural details. All categories may be found on under Mixed Media.

After moving to Alabama, my husband and I attended bee-keeping school and will begin our own bee-keeping in the spring in the hopes of collecting my own wax for these small art pieces.




Vicki graduated with a business degree from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and studied in the black-and-white photography program at University of Alabama, Birmingham campus. Her greatest achievement is a William Faulkner book cover, Big Woods, and her work can be seen in many Southern installations including Wellstar, Acworth, Georgia; Four Points Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana; Marriott (airport location), Atlanta, Georgia; and Senator Bryan Taylor’s Alabama State House office. She continues to document the South, especially in Alabama, and is always interested in photographing people on the street.