Adam Davies

  My photographs show landscapes and architectural structures that are hidden, over- looked, or on the periphery. These sites contain complicated and conflicting histories. I am fascinated by dissonance: between order and disorder, beauty and neglect, wealth and poverty. While … Read More

Still Lifes by Charles Haynes

      Photographing things that don’t move. The importance of texture, color, orchestration. Homage to painting and music. Quiet pursuit. Sometimes I think photography of this nature is a form of meditation. Using digital equipment broadens the experience with … Read More

Vicki Hunt

In order to sell my photo work through galleries, I realized a number of years ago, I must have twist to my photography. After studying mixed media under Jason McGrady, I focused on a beeswax application to coat my photographs. … Read More

Catherine Jarrett

posted in: Architecture, Georgia

January 2014   Untitled Artist’s Statement My fascination with architecture stems from my love of lines and how light bends around them. A fan of symmetry, and therefore of architects like Palladio and Johnson, the perfection of equal proportions and lines … Read More

Chip Cooper

January 2014   Untitled Artist’s Statement Chip Cooper: An Architectural Soliloquy, a photographic series in black-and-white, came from a conversation of mutual discovery between the artist and Arts Company Gallery. From commercial projects, some from book projects, and some from his … Read More

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