Kahiah Polidore | Headlines

posted in: Documentary, Mixed media

  Headlines is a reaction to how the media dispenses the propaganda surrounding the victims of police brutality and injustice in America. Using all available technology, I find articles and publications on the web, and broadcast them over members of … Read More

Vicki Hunt

In order to sell my photo work through galleries, I realized a number of years ago, I must have twist to my photography. After studying mixed media under Jason McGrady, I focused on a beeswax application to coat my photographs. … Read More

Rebecca Sexton Larson – Church Fans

posted in: Florida, Mixed media

People who attended church before the 1950s, in the days before air conditioning became popular or mainstream, are probably familiar with handheld fans. These simple cardboard fans, mounted on plain, flat wooden sticks were familiar as a way to keep … Read More

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