March 2014



Forgotten Dreams

Artist’s Statement

I love to scour the countryside for great photo opportunities. Summer provides the best window of opportunity as I am off during this time. I get up early, grab my camera and go. It is such a wonderful feeling driving around looking for that right moment. I love everything country related. As a little girl we often visited our country cousins and I never wanted to leave. They always had ponies or cows, and running in their field gave me an overwhelming feeling of freedom. To this day whenever I am in a field I want to run across it like I did so many years ago. Even though I cannot live in the country at this point, I can live it vicariously through the lens and through many images I create on my dream drives.





I live here in West Virginia with my wonderful husband John and my adorable lab mix Hershey. I am a preschool teacher who also has a love for photography, particularly country photography. I love to scour the beautiful places here in WV; it is an amazing place to take photos. The photos I have included were all taken here in my home state. I don’t think I could ever run out of perfect photo ops here. It really is almost heaven.