March 2014



Cliff Jenkins at the Mayan Ranch in Bandera, TX.

Artist’s Statement

One of my commercial clients is a company that caters to farmers and the farm lifestyle. Consequently, I frequently find myself on small and large farms in various parts of the U.S. The people I photograph are some of the best, most grounded and generous people I’ve ever met. Their openness and enthusiasm for what they do – which in many cases is their life’s work – always makes for excellent photos. Every farm I’ve ever visited is imbued with the owner’s personality, and I always strive to capture those images that are the perfect blend of the farmers with their work.




Mark Mosrie is a commercial photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee. A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, his photography has taken him to four continents, 26 countries and around the world by ship. He specializes in location work, but a prior degree in theatrical lighting and set design means he is equally comfortable in a studio setting.