Builder Levy: Appalachia USA

March 2014     “Photographer Builder Levy’s Appalachia USA (David R. Godine) does for today’s coal miners what Walker Evans did for sharecroppers and tenant farmers in the Dust Bowl.” –Vanity Fair This book is an intense artistic exploration of a significant … Read More

Five Questions | Luna Press | by Nancy McCrary

March 2014   Interview with Josephine Sacabo   THE WRITER1. Your background is theatre and photography, your husband’s literature, specifically poetry. Tell us how this collaboration came together to form Luna Press. I studied literature in college and then ventured … Read More

New Delta Rising

posted in: Book, Documentary, Mississippi

November 2012     New Delta Rising Edited and photographed by Magdalena Sole’ Introduction by Rick Bragg Narratives by Tom Lassiter University Press of Mississippi Cloth, $38.00 A compelling look at the people and places of today’s Mississippi Delta   … Read More

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