May 2014




Artist’s Statement

I am fascinated by the natural world around us and how, if we look closely enough, we can more strongly sense both its beauty and its harshness.

Fading Away Series
I seek to capture the natural growth of trees, leaves, and flowers that may not be at the peak of their beauty. Aging adds character and texture that is accompanied by wisdom and appeal yet also a hint of yearning.

Captivity Series
Photographing wildlife in captivity and human settings can be off-putting at first. In the series, I have tried to capture their nature in poses reminiscent of ourselves. In “Say a Prayer” we see only the clenched hands of a gorilla held in a praying stance. Since we do not see the animal’s face, there are questions as to what the expression might be – serenity? frustration? longing?

In “Humanity” the reflection of a young gorilla is superimposed on a ledge upon which a Starbucks cup is perched. It may seem unexpected and disconcerting.




Carolyn C. Meltzer is an Atlanta-based photographer who seeks to capture the emotion and intimacy of the natural world in a variety of habitats. Meltzer’s fascination with photography began in childhood and was further shaped by her advanced training in imaging science and her parallel career as a neuroradiologist. She holds a BS in Biology from Cornell University and a MD from Johns Hopkins. Meltzer continuously refines both her photographic technique and her creative vision through courses and master workshops with Kathryn Kolb, Eileen Rafferty, and others, and collaborations with other visual artists, writers, and poets.

Meltzer’s photographs have been featured in numerous solo artist and juried gallery exhibits, and national arts festivals including Atlanta Celebrates Photography and Art Takes Miami. Her collaborative work with visual artist Anne Patterson is currently featured at Denise Bibro Fine Art in New York. Meltzer’s work resides in private collections in Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and Charlotte, and is represented by Soho Myriad for commercial projects.