Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures | Five Questions with Margo Pinkerton

March 2014   Untitled Who:  Margo Taussig Pinkerton and Arnold “Arnie” Zann are a married couple, both professional photographers, who live, eat, breathe, and teach photography together. They have retired from commercial work and now devote themselves full-time to Barefoot … Read More

Dani Alfonso

March 2013   Siesta Artist’s Statement In August of 2011, after almost ten long years, I decided to go back and visit Cuba. The trip was about finding myself in my country, a realization of the fact that I didn’t completely … Read More

Byron Baldwin

March 2013   Tire Guys Artist’s Statement Life on the streets in Cuba is infectious and compelling. Street vendors, domino games, street baseball, car repairs, music, the faded elegance of the architecture and more. Opportunities for street photography are around every … Read More

Clay Lipsky

March 2013   Cuba Artist’s Statement My time in Cuba was brief, but the experience will resonate with me for a lifetime. Exploring the winding, weathered streets of Havana introduced me to people rich with spirit and a city trapped in … Read More

Builder Levy

March 2013   Cuba, View from Hotel Telegrafo, Old American Cars, Old Havana, 2004 Artist’s Statement Ever since its revolution in 1959, I had wanted to visit Cuba. In 2004 I finally made the trip. I was not disappointed. I found … Read More

Lorrie Dallek

March 2013   My Baby, Havana Artist’s Statement Cuba feels like a slowly thawing iceberg. Known as an anachronism; a country in decay with strong remnants of the international community that once resided there. Today, change is progressively underfoot. I want … Read More

Ernesto Bazan

March 2013   boots & flowers South x Southeast is pleased to introduce our new feature, Guest Series, with the acclaimed photographer Ernesto Bazan . Artist’s Statement While working as a photographer for over three decades, I’ve always tried to do personal work … Read More

Daniel Kramer

March 2013   Albino Horse Artist’s Statement In January of 1998 I traveled to Havana with a freelance photojournalism visa from the Village Voice to photograph the historic visit of Pope John Paul II. I had no idea what to expect. How did … Read More

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