I’ve long identified with cats. Quiet, seemingly emotionless yet unquestionably resolute in its independence, the cat is the ultimate mystery story.
How close can I get to you?
What are you thinking?
New Orleans LA
New Orleans LA


In my pictures of cats, I documented my random encounters with these enigmatic animals and the furtive sizing up that always takes place between us. Whatever happens next is invariably the cat’s decision.—Ben Marcin


Born in Augsburg, Germany. Most of my photographic essays explore the idea of home and the passing of time. Last House Standing and The Camps have received wide press both nationally and abroad (The Paris Review, iGnant, La Repubblica, Slate, Wired Magazine). My photographs have been shown at a number of national galleries and venues including the Baltimore Museum of Art; the Delaware Art Museum; The Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA; The Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, CO; The Photographic Resource Center in Boston; and the Houston Center for Photography. Last House Standing (And Other Stories) was featured in a 2014 solo exhibit at the C. Grimaldis Gallery in Baltimore, where I am currently represented. My work is also in several important collections including the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Contact: www.benmarcinphotos.com