January 2014



Self Portrait

Artist’s Statement

I am not usually drawn to the highly energetic individual. I am more drawn to the quiet. In my latest work, Self Portrait in Another Body, my presence and possessions become intertwined with the subject; I am building the image from pieces of myself. I look at the inescapable human desire to compare and contrast others to others and others to myself. It is a confession of a restlessness in my own being.




I was lucky to grow up in the foothills of North Carolina, swimming, hiking, learning in a landscape I still explore. Except for brief forays outside the region, I’ve lived here all my life so far. A year in France was a seminal experience: My interest in photography and affection for a well-browned loaf of bread started there. For the past twenty years I’ve worked as a fine art and free-lance commercial photographer. 

Born in Tennessee, 1952
Raised in Morganton, NC 
Davidson College, class of 1974
Charlotte since1974 

Grants received (a Visual Artist Fellowship from the North Carolina Arts Council and several Regional Artist Project Grants from the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte-Mecklenburg ) have funded my work in platinum palladium and copperplate photogravure.