September 2012



By Christopher Morris

The power of the American Presidency is absolute, E Pluribus Unum “Out of many one.” Where one man has the power to transform the world. To alter societies with his actions and his beliefs. Creating in him, the ultimate pinnacle and definition of one man’s power. The power to lead the world’s mightiest nation into war, or guide a nation out of war. It creates a man who facilitates the ultimate in blind nationalism out of his followers. Or gives rise to a man who will attempt through his power to cause world change for the good of mankind. Creating a singular man, who with this ultimate power ends up trapped in his private mind. Trapped trying to meliorate the world through his own personal beliefs.




Christopher Morris is an American photojournalist, best known for his war photographs. Most of Morris’ work has concentrated on war. Some of the wars he photographed were the United States’ invasion of Iraq, the drug war in Colombia, the Persian Gulf war, the wars in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yugoslavia, and Chechnya − more than 18 foreign conflicts. He documented the presidency of George W. Bush for TIME, and is a founding member of the VII Photo Agency.

In recent years, Morris has worked on his monograph, My America, which was published in 2006. My Americawas produced while on assignment for TIME magazine covering U.S. President George W. Bush. Morris describes My America as his personal journey into a Republican America. Through portraits and landscapes, Morris hopes that the viewer “sees what he saw and feels what he felt – a nation that has wrapped its eyes so tightly in red, white, and blue that it has gone blind.”

Currently Morris has been working in the fashion world, expanding his photographic style, into a completely different industry.

Morris has received a multitude of awards for his work, including the Robert Capa Gold Medal award, The Olivier Rebbot award and the Feature Photography award from the Overseas Press Club; the Magazine Photographer of the Year award from the University of Missouri School of Journalism; two Infinity Photojournalist awards from the International Center of Photography, New York; the Visa d’Or award; and numerous World Press Photo Awards.