July 2012


Momma Jackson’s Biscuits Triptych, by Celestia Morgan ©

Long-kept traditions and treasured memories provide the connection that binds generation to generation. However, the sad realization is that without a determined effort, these traditions certainly become memories of the past.

Family Recipe stems from memories of times spent with my mom cooking in the kitchen. As a child, I watched her make biscuits the way her mother taught her, and even though I never met my grandmother, I felt a spiritual connection with her then and likewise in this series. In these photographs, I focus deliberately on the hands and the ingredients. The hands portray meticulous care in mixing the ingredients in preparation for the nourishment of the family.

My intentions are to reverently honor my grandmother while evoking the viewer’s memory of a family member or friend who uses, or may have used, a recipe that was handed down through the generations. Tradition and memories provide the connection to our past.

Celestia Morgan



Celestia Morgan was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She found a love for photography in high school while documenting the Junior ROTC with a 35mm film camera. After high school she hesitated to attend college, but was inspired to be the first member of her family to receive a college education.
Following an Associates in Elementary Education at Lawson State College (campuses located in Bessemer and Birmingham, Alabama), Celestia then earned a BFA in Photography from the University of Alabama, Birmingham.
Visit this artist at: http://www.celestiamorgan.com.