Still Lifes by John Baeder

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1930 Clarence Horning Trade Mark Book with 1934 Packard Who doesn’t love magic. Reality and illusion, what the photo-realist’s are all about. We push reality bringing ourselves to our images taking the photograph and using it as a stepping stone … Read More

Still Lifes by Charles Haynes

      Photographing things that don’t move. The importance of texture, color, orchestration. Homage to painting and music. Quiet pursuit. Sometimes I think photography of this nature is a form of meditation. Using digital equipment broadens the experience with … Read More

Still Lifes by Frank Fuerst

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  For the last couple of years I’ve been working on a series of “natural” still lifes. In this series I’ve concentrated on taking small scenes found in nature and lightly repositioning a few of the elements to recompose the … Read More

Dan Routh

July 2014   Herbs Artist’s Statement Although my photography business is based out of Greensboro, I am a Randolph County native and live on my family’s 150-acre beef cattle farm on Routh Road in Grays Chapel. A lot of my personal … Read More

Tom Meyer

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July 2014   Untitled Artist’s Statement I’ve been using a camera seriously since 1976 when I lived in upper New York State. There I made my first picture with Kodachrome 25 and a 30-year-old Argus C-3 camera given to me by … Read More

Dan Routh

March 2013   farmstead in fog   Biography I’m a commercial photographer based in Greensboro, North Carolina, with over 35 years of experience shooting professional advertising and editorial images. Although my photography business is based out of Greensboro, I am … Read More

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