Polly Gaillard | Pressure Points

posted in: Children, South Carolina

    Pressure Points is a photographic series that documents my post-divorce life with my daughter. I am interested in the awkward moments we share together that reveal idiosyncrasies, intimacy or distance. At times, I set the stage for a … Read More

James Knudsen

May 2014   Orange Spotted Skipper Artist’s Statement Without doubt, the most difficult aspect of preparing for exhibits or electronic submittals (be it for publication or Facebook) is distilling twelve years or so of work into twenty-odd prints or images for … Read More

Julia Cart | From Nature

January 2013   Untitled Artist’s Statement Julia Cart is a Southern photographer/visual preservationist who works exclusively in black-and-white using large format film cameras. Her images cover a wide range, including landscapes, architecture, botanicals and portraiture, with a special concern for historic … Read More

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