Mark Mosrie

March 2013   Naty Artist’s Statement To understand a culture or a country, I think you need to understand its people. Under that premise, I began my exploration of Cuba in the year 2002. Very gradually, I began to meet people … Read More

Facing South

November 2012   Facing South by Jerry Siegel University of Alabama Press Hardcover, $29.95 For more than 15 years, Jerry Siegel has been photographing Southern artists. Following in the footsteps of his namesake uncle, Jerry Siegel who was one of … Read More

Tom Chambers | Entropic Kingdom

September 2012   Blue Fox Artist Statement The animal kingdom and mankind engage in an ongoing dance of co-existence which results in a predictable tension. This tension has escalated with man’s increasing disregard for the fragility of the environment and … Read More

Jon Morgan | American Dreaming

September 2012   Max Window  Artist Statement American Dreaming as a body of work is cinematic in nature, dealing with themes of isolation, emotional loss, and our lives through a dream. These images are born of dreams, stories and perhaps subconscious … Read More

Alecs Konson | Untitled

July 2012     Compelling visual moments present themselves without notice or warning. Mobile photography enables me to capture these moments. My phone is not delicate, it is always available, it is discreet. I have the freedom to be creating … Read More

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