Rose M Barron

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March 2013   Last Supper Artist’s Statement My work examines religious imagery and uses this imagery to express ideas and concepts outside the boundaries of faith and spirituality. Through this imagery, I am examining my identity as a woman, the lineage … Read More

Raymond Grubb

March 2013   Eubuleus Artist’s Statement These figure studies come from a much larger body of work I call Shared Histories. I catalogue gesture, movement, stillness, attraction, self and other. I am attracted to the wild, undeveloped landscape. I work in spaces … Read More

Paul Hagedorn

March 2013   Sara Artist’s Statement Here’s what I know about shooting nudes in photography. Nothing. I know more about shooting Apple boxes and objects on stands or classic landscapes. Shooting nudes has been new for me. It involves a dance … Read More

Fred Link

March 2013   Afternoon-Melancholy Artist’s Statement Aside from the directness and honesty of the nudity, the photos in this selection are relatively dissimilar and have no intentional connection with each other. In them I have tried to show, in uncomplicated compositions … Read More

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