Polly Gaillard | Pressure Points

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    Pressure Points is a photographic series that documents my post-divorce life with my daughter. I am interested in the awkward moments we share together that reveal idiosyncrasies, intimacy or distance. At times, I set the stage for a … Read More

Jerry Atnip

November 2012   River Rats I Artist’s Statement For the last 35 years, my photographic projects have given me the privilege to travel throughout the world, exploring the diversity of the lands and their people. This selection of images is a … Read More

Malgorzata Florkowska

November 2012 At Christmas Recital 2011 Artist’s Statement I took this image at the Christmas recital to which I was invited by my friends, in December 2011. There were many children proudly performing in front of their parents and invited guests, … Read More

Cynthia Henebry

November 2012   Strawberry Pie Artist’s Statement For whatever series of simple or complex reasons, I don’t remember most of my childhood, and it remains a grand and intriguing mystery to me. I take pictures of other people’s children as well … Read More

Tom Chambers | Entropic Kingdom

September 2012   Blue Fox Artist Statement The animal kingdom and mankind engage in an ongoing dance of co-existence which results in a predictable tension. This tension has escalated with man’s increasing disregard for the fragility of the environment and … Read More

Alecs Konson | Untitled

July 2012     Compelling visual moments present themselves without notice or warning. Mobile photography enables me to capture these moments. My phone is not delicate, it is always available, it is discreet. I have the freedom to be creating … Read More

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