Living Diversity: The Columbia Pike Documentary Project by Lloyd Wolf, Duy Tran, Paul Endo, Xang Mimi Ho, Aleksandra Lagkueva

  Home to a stunningly diverse set of people, Columbia Pike is recognized as a unique and trend-setting community that is characterized by the proximity of older, established ways of life to that of the large number of immigrants from … Read More

The Do Good Fund: Alan Rothschild interviewed by Jerry Atnip

November, 2014 Baldwin Lee, Untitled (Taken in Shreveport, LA)  Since its founding in 2012, The Do Good Fund has focused on building a museum-quality collection of contemporary Southern photography, including works by emerging photographers. Do Good’s mission is to make … Read More

Letter from the Editor

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November, 2014 Jack Spencer has been called many things – among them genius, a crusty old curmudgeon (with a heart of gold), a visionary, and the Aaron Copeland of the photography world. This past summer Jack took a trip out West … Read More

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