In Profile: William Motley

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One of my photographs was made in an American airport, the other along the Malecon in Havana Cuba. These two people are worlds apart in so many ways yet they were both deeply immersed in personal contemplation and completely oblivious of … Read More

Direct Positive by Willie Ann Wright, with essays by Denise Bethel and Sarah Eckhardt

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  Richmond, Virginia, Joan by Her Pool, 1986   Direct Positive is a collection of forty-two extraordinary images from American photographer Willie Anne Wright, with essays by Denise Bethel, former head of the Photography Department at Sotheby’s, and Sarah Eckhardt, Associate Curator of Modern … Read More

Slivers of Luminescence by Beatrice Chauvin

 Luminescence #24 Words…. Slivers of Luminescence wishes to reveal the light that comes from Big Momma, MS Nickki, Leo Bud Welch, Stuart Cole, Ralph Bankston, Mary Carr Leatherman, Pat Thomas, Tony Rabalao, Danuel Gales and Bill Beckwith. Musicians, poets, painters, … Read More

Tessa Gehringer

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This work is part of a collection of images taken across the state of Florida to document the creatures that live alongside people in both rural and urban settings.   Cages and pens are found within many of the images … Read More

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