Walt Stricklin

The varied geography of the world and how people have adapted to living in it put me in awe of mankind. My landscapes are my attempt to capture the wonderment of those locations and give the viewer a sense of … Read More

David Morel – Last Rites

There comes a time, the end of time for every living thing. People, animals, and plants, especially plants, reach their demise. It is inevitable. The growing seasons of Spring and Summer, give way to the chill death of Fall and Winter. This series … Read More

Bob Delevante

Years ago, I was looking for a new photographic technique to experiment with. A photographer and good friend of mine, Danny Clinch, recommended I try shooting with a half-frame camera. I searched on eBay and found an inexpensive Olympus Pen EE … Read More

Charles Haynes

I believe the process of realizing art extends from the artist’s experience certainly, but is matched by that of the viewer. The combine is necessary. Art requires both. The power of art comes from the juncture of experience, artist and … Read More

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