Cats by Ben Marcin

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I’ve long identified with cats. Quiet, seemingly emotionless yet unquestionably resolute in its independence, the cat is the ultimate mystery story. How close can I get to you? What are you thinking?   In my pictures of cats, I documented … Read More

Nous Nous Souvenons by Forest McMullin

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In the last twenty years or so American cemeteries have become increasingly sterile. Efficiency of mowing has become more important than expressions of grief and remembrance as families are prohibited from planting flowers or leaving mementos. Many cemeteries don’t even … Read More

Brandywine by David Foster

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As Artist in Residence at Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat center in Southeastern Pennsylvania, I had the extraordinary pleasure of witnessing and photographing the flora of spring 2015 in all its glory. The Brandywine Valley is home to an array … Read More

Surface Tension by Angela Franks Wells

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In the simplest of terms, photography is a recording of how light falls across the surface of the subject. The works in Surface Tension are visual accounts of my investigations with seeing rather than looking. I live in the country … Read More

Vicki Hunt

In order to sell my photo work through galleries, I realized a number of years ago, I must have twist to my photography. After studying mixed media under Jason McGrady, I focused on a beeswax application to coat my photographs. … Read More

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