Evy Huppert | Wild Spirits

“We are fallen in mostly broken pieces…but the wild can still return us to ourselves.” ~ Robert Macfarlane
Wild Spirits

I made these photographs on journeys south to untamed places in the sea islands of Georgia with a tribe of collaborating artists. The work reflects dreams and memories the land drew out from my personal mythology. Timeless, yet inhabited for millennia, the islands carry a spiritual presence of deep wildness palpable in the light and shadows, the ancient alligators and birds, the feral pigs and donkeys, and the artifacts of their existence lying everywhere. The photographs explore emotions and dreams evoked by the land, the light, and the living: vulnerability, captivity, sanctuary, and wildness set free. I worked with black and white film for its grainy and subjective quality. Exploring among live oaks, rookeries, and black water swamps, by the ruins of plantations and in tabby rooms echoing enslavement, I thought about the fragility and beauty of the land and the spirit of the people who lived there throughout history. I wondered how they all survived, what might have given the people joy, and what they dreamed about. The images are my response to those questions. And they might also be still shots taken from a movie, where the viewer is invited to fill in the narrative with a tale of their own.





Evy Huppert is a fine art photographer who creates film-based imaginary narratives in landscape and portraiture. A native of Minnesota and long-time resident of New England, she considers herself to be a true ‘child of the North.’ Permanently light-deprived, her remedy for personal and collective seasonal affective disorder is making images that are often about light itself. Evy is a 2019 Critical Mass Finalist. Her project “Wild Spirits” appeared in a 2020 solo exhibit at the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro, VT. In 2019 “Wild Spirits” was exhibited as a Portfolio Showcase by the Davis-Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY, featured in Lenscratch, and selected by Brian Taylor for the Rfotofolio Annual feature. Her photographs have been published in SHOTS Magazine, The Hand Magazine, and will appear in Diffusion Annual X. Evy’s work has been juried into numerous group exhibitions, including the Griffin Museum of Photography, ASmith Gallery, the Center for Fine Art Photography, PhotoPlace Gallery, and SXSE Gallery.


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Nancy is the Publisher and Founding Editor of South x Southeast photomagazine. She is also the Director of South x Southeast Workshops, and Director of South x Southeast Photogallery. She resides on her farm in Georgia with 4 hounds where she shoots only pictures.


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