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Rosy and Jack are the two youngest members of our family.  We “rescued” them as puppies from the same local organization.  I put rescue in quotes for a few reasons: first, though they were available from a rescue organization, they were adorable puppies and anyone would have snatched them up.  Second, Jack is the mellowest dog imaginable and would be fine in any home, whereas Rosy is fierce and feisty and I could imagine some homes having trouble with her distinct personality.  Third, they are our constant, our ever-present in our family, and have been completely unchanging throughout this bizarre time of change.

Rosy is our five-year-old terrier mix.  She is alert, engaged, and strong-willed.  Growling is her love language.  Her yellowish-white fur is untamed and everyone who meets her agrees that it represents her distinct personality.  Rosy doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do.  She plays hard (to the point of exhaustion) just to be where the action is, and is always on guard for attention, affection, and food.  I have had several dogs over my lifetime, and I truly respect this dog.  She’s no pushover and if I need her, she’s there.

Jack is our four-year-old Chihuahua-Dachshund mix.  Realistically, he sleeps about 22 hours of the day.  If I sit down — especially with a blanket on my lap — he is there.  I typically wake up last in my family, and Jack routinely climbs back in bed with me after he’s been taken outside in the morning.  Jack is completely easy-going; he loves being held and doesn’t just allow the kids to pick him up — he seems to crave it. His love-language is kissing.  If anyone — family or stranger — gets near his face, he will kiss you … ideally on your lips or inside your nostrils.  Jack is calm, discrete, and the least likely member of our family to cause a commotion.  One could almost forget he’s around.  If there is a patch of sun, he will seek it out and bake in it.  Sometimes we suspect he is part cat: he grooms himself and perches as high as possible to sleep the day away.

Me: I am a photographer in California.  Though I have loved taking and collecting photographs for most of my life, I found photography as my passion not until my thirties. I spend my time photographing children, animals, and the small town my husband hails from.




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