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My dog was a stray, that came to me on a rainy, icy, “stormy” day.  She had been roaming the streets of our neighborhood for a few days and ended up in my backyard. I had never considered a Pitbull since I have always had small lap dogs, (poodles) the most weighing in at 30 lbs. max.

The odd thing is that at the time I had just said after 10 years without a fur baby I was just about ready.  My prayers were answered because she has been the most perfect angel doggy addition to my family. I put signs at 7 of the local vets, had her checked out at the Lifeline services.  She needed to be spayed and she also had heartworms.  There were no calls from the vets, so I got her spayed and on meds for the heart worms and chipped.  She was my literal “money pit” but I’m now a proud Pittie Momma.



I used to be involved with the photography community, but I’ve become more of an introvert and I guess I can blame that on Stormy as well.  She is great company, so I don’t go out like I used to.  I do however posts plenty of pics of her on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

  1. Geri Taran
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    Teresa, thanks for these pix and the story. Love to you and Stormy, too.


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