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Mick and Keith came into my life five years ago when they were three months old. I was at the ASPCA looking to fill the hole in my heart from the loss of my silver tabby Crockett, who had been with me for 21 years. I was looking for kittens that were femaie and orange, totally different from Crockett, but instead, Mick, another silver tabby, and his brother Keith won my heart. As it turned out, they were born the same week Crockett left us, and often I think his spirit lives on in them.

Mick and Keith got their names because it was obvious from the moment we met that they were wild and crazy rockers. They still are. And they love to pose for pictures. While they often like to sleep together, during the pandemic they are attempting to learn social distancing.




Sheri Lynn Behr is a photographer currently based in New York City, who began her career photographing musicians and celebrities back in the day.  Her photo projects have explored Polaroid manipulations, New York City’s Chinatown, and the iconic Lucky Cat.

Her recent work deals with photography without permission and our surveillance society, and has been widely exhibited. Her exhibition, BeSeeingYou, was shown at the Griffin Museum of Photography, and she currently has work in Distinction at the Photographic Center Northwest, along with an interview on their website.

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