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I share my home with my husband and our 8 year old rescue cat, Sushi, who is affectionate and feisty, a great hunter, and refuses to sit still long enough to be photographed. So these three photos are of animals owned by others, with the common thread that caring for another living (non-human) being can provide structure and purpose to our human lives, along with solace and companionship in this plague year.

The two dogs belong to a close friend who is a breast cancer survivor. They are both rescue dogs, and my friend “J” walks them faithfully three times a day. They give her days a schedule and meaning. Dargan is now in the twilight of his life and walks with difficulty, spending most of his days resting. In his prime he accompanied J to schools to help children who were being tutored in basic reading skills to relax and connect with the tutor. He also visited patients in medical settings. Sammie, a more recent addition to J’s family, was very skittish when she first arrived but has adjusted well to her new life. I created these portraits of the dogs as a gift to my friend.

The portrait of the horse was taken at a ranch where my husband and I vacationed a couple of summers ago. The loving touch of the teenaged boy caring for the horse spoke so much of the intense bond that can exist between horse and human that I was compelled to take this photo.


Marla Puziss is a transplanted northerner who moved to Atlanta from Maryland in 1989 and is still getting to know the South. She is a self-taught photographer who began seriously photographing about 8 years ago, after a many years of looking at and being inspired by great photography. Her work has appeared previously in South x SoutheastLenscratchLenswork, and in various local and statewide juried photography exhibits – including Slow Exposures, Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition, LaGrange Southeast Regional Exhibition, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Arts Clayton Gallery, DeKalb History Center, The Bowen Center for the Arts, South x Southeast Gallery, Johns Creek Art Center, Atlanta Photography Group, and others.


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