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Currently, I do not have a pet of my own. My husband and I had a dalmatian, Romeo, for 14 years, but he is no longer with us. Since we both travel extensively, we decided put off adopting another dog. I have many friends with animals; I have been loving and photographing them for many years. My friend Andrea has four cats. Two of them adopted her after neighbors moved away and left their two cats behind. Stubby Doing His Arrow is one of them. He is a very gentle and loving cat. He and the other cat groom each other’s heads and sleep together. Stubby, cools himself during the summer by configuring his body into the shape of an arrow on the floor.

Maggie-the Queen of Porch was another lovely pet that belonged to my friend, Gwen. She was small but fiercely protective of Gwen and her chickens! If there was a danger in the air, and Gwen’s free range chicken were roaming outside, Maggie would bark a special kind of bark, letting Gwen know, that she needed to come to the rescue. I will never forget the sad day, when Gwen and her husband Preston, met me in the park, to give me a chance to say goodbye to Maggie, before driving her to the vet to put her down. She was suffering as a result of cancer. However, Maggie lives on through pictures and stories. The joy she brought will never be forgotten.

I met Michel, his parrot, and his dog, Porscha, in Piedmont Park, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was such an easy guy to converse with. He told me he took his pets with him everywhere possible and that they were his best companions. He mentioned that in order to adopt his little parrot that he was required to create a will. Parrots can live a long life and often outlive their caretakers. Owning a parrot is a lifetime commitment.


Malgorzata Florkowska native of Poland has been pursuing photography for 13 years. Her photographs are in permanent collection of Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia and Arts Clayton, GA. Her images have been shown in solo and group exhibitions around Atlanta. She published two books: Joy of Farming and Walking through History.

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