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Fiona’s Paws—About Fiona

Let me introduce, Fiona, our Border Collie whose mission in life is to provide organization and direction to a recalcitrant household.  Like many of her breed, Fiona, even at age almost eleven, has two settings:  ON and OFF.  Whether it is a game of tennis ball, chasing the squirrels off the bird feeders, nosing me away from the computer, or simply running around the yard, ball in mouth, chasing fairies, Fiona puts herself fully into the experience.  She exemplifies the spirit of the character in “Chariots of Fire” who said: “I was born to run, and when I run I feel God’s pleasure.”  During the isolation, she is our constant friend and one who makes sure we get our exercise and amusement each and every day.

Fiona is very private about her paws. She does not liked to have them touched, or patted, or (God Forbid!)  have her nails clipped.  But at the end of the day, when she curls up beside us to relax, she reveals her paws in a very graceful and delicate ways.  These photos are part of an ongoing series I begun in 2012, titled simply “Fiona’s Paws”.  It is a small series so far, as getting the photo requires having a camera at hand that can be picked up, composed, and taken just when the light is right, all without moving a muscle. Not always easy to do, because the slightest twitch flipped the OFF switch to ON, and there goes the moment.

Short Bio

I’m a native of San Antonio, Texas, an estuary infused with the sights, sounds and tastes where two cultures intermingle.  I share my space with my wife, Mary;  our grand-cat, Leftovers; and our Border Collie, Fiona.  After 15 years of taking snapshots of our life and travels, I took my first black and white darkroom class in the early 1990’s and was hooked by the magic of watching an image emerge from a blank sheet of paper.  As a retired Episcopal Priest, I strive to let my images witness to the sacred spirit that abides in each and every thing.

Doug Earle

7302 Robin Rest Dr.
San Antonio, TX. 78209

2 Responses

  1. Candace Cauthorn
    | Reply

    Exquisite photos & story!

  2. Donna W MAYFIELD
    | Reply

    Doug…these pictures are just beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I have 2 very loved canines in my home and feel God’s love to me through them every day. I only wish I knew how to photograph them as creatively as you do. Please keep up the good work my dear friend.


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