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Mother Earth.  We will lose something deep within ourselves if we allow wilderness to disappear. Wilderness is the core of the natural world and as Roszak (1992:14) points out it is a place where consciously or unconsciously “human nature is densely embedded”.

It is only through a sense of feeling for these extraordinary wild animals that wilderness has the potential to be protected into the future.

As a photographer I have sought to convey the subtle qualities and instinctive character of the animal in the wild, rather than the spectacle of the kill.  My work reflects quiet images, the feminine aspects of the wild.

I was saddened and down for two years. My husband took me to wild landscape; to breath. Often. And, finally, in a entering a cold mountain stream, high in the Baviaanskloof Mountains, my depression was finally softened. The extraordinary qualities of mother nature are a tender and vital source of the emergence of joy.

–Margot Muir


Until recently, I worked as a Visual Arts lecturer at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This body of work has been photographed in the game reserves of Southern Africa.  Alongside, I have done award-winning design work for environmental and social non-governmental organisations as part of my contribution to the world.


2007 Group exhibition The Red Location Museum

2019 Group exhibition Nelson Mandela University

2019 Group exhibition Bird Street Gallery


Private collections – South Africa, London, Belgium, Australia, Amsterdam, Colorado, USA, Virginia, USA.


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