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Stories put us in touch with our origins, binding us to a collective culture and set a context for understanding ourself and our history. Stories bring identity and add significance to our personal and collective existence. I am interested in the shifting fluidity of how our Story is told over time and how memory plays a malleable and emotional role in the telling of it. Personal stories turn into artifacts for future generations.

I have been on a quest to mine narratives that arise from family conversations, photographs and inherited personal effects. Out of these accumulated treasures, I extract and construct anecdotal tales. I blend historical imagery with contemporary imagery in hopes of creating a visual tableaux that transcends time as well as speaks into the future. I layer images as well as incorporate physical relics and objects either inherited or found into my work to create personal as well as universal conversations about origin, history, and identity.

–Kimberly Chiaris




Kimberly Chiaris received her BFA in Photography from the Kansas City Art Institute. She currently lives in Colorado. Her interest lies mainly in personal story telling through hand made processes. Her practices often involve digital composites combined with analog and alternative processes that include elements of mixed media. Her focus is primarily on themes of origin and identity and how trace memory, emotions, time and culture shape and shift our understanding of history. She has recently exhibited at The Image Flow, Light Box Photographic, Center for Fine Art Photography, Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, FotoFest, SE Center for Photography, PhotoPlace Gallery, L.A. Photo Curator, Art Intersection, and Candela Books and Gallery. She has recently had work published in “Cyanotype-The Blueprint in Contemporary Practice” by Christina Z. Anderson, “The Hand Magazine” and “Shadow and Light Magazine”.


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