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These photos represent two images of mothers. I caught Shonette in an alley, cradling some flowers and smoking a cigarette. She just got these flowers for Mother’s Day. I love her pose–the way she stares intently into the camera while softly holding flowers.

Shonelle, Mom’s Day ©DeKwok



  The other photo is a portrait of my mother in the house I grew up in. She is sitting against the wood panel walls, waiting for the face mask to do its magic.

Tiger Mom ©DeKwok
De Kwok is a photographer based out San Francisco, CA. His photographs have been in exhibitions in SF, Seattle, London, New York City, Dublin, Melbourne and many other cities. His last photobook, “Lust to Love”, was selected for the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards/ Month of LA photobook show in Los Angeles. He is currently working on his latest photobook. or on Instagram at de_kwok.


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