Letter From the Editor | May/June 2020

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I call this the Humble Issue, as humbled I was by the beauty, power, majesty, and respect shown by any or all of the images and essays in this issue. There are incredible messages and lessons here if we just look and listen.
In our stand-alone article, Fertility within Tragedy, Burk Uzzle tells us, “We feel, we cry, we say to our souls, survive. Our internal music intensely contrapuntal seeing death and it’s opposite – LIFE TO BE LIVED!  How? Heart of an artist formed the hard way with a million experiences. We plough that field as never before. We steady ourselves with the past. Our love of life distills rhetoric from circumstances”. He shares with us from his next body of work, The Prophets Project, a series that “illuminates African-Americans who are transcending the legacy of hate by affirming a cultural present and future — a prophecy of unity and respect”.
Mother’s Day is upon us, and the articles in the Mothers series are gems. No matter if the word Mother conjures up an image of a person, an animal, Mother Earth, or just a feeling of security and comfort, we all need some mothering right now. I lost my mother in March, someone who supported and encouraged my belief in South x Southeast from its inception 9 years ago. I dedicate this beautiful group of articles to her memory.


Mother, 2010 ©Sylvia Plachy
The Call for Submissions for Election 2020: What Matters continues with six mighty strong articles. Billy Howard has curated another provocative group of pictures and compositions thoughtfully researched, photographed, and written by artists who highlight concerns we all should consider come November.
I hope you enjoy these articles. And we welcome your thoughts and comments.
Stay Safe. And we’ll see you again in July.
Nancy McCrary
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Nancy is the Publisher and Founding Editor of South x Southeast photomagazine. She is also the Director of South x Southeast Workshops, and Director of South x Southeast Photogallery. She resides on her farm in Georgia with 4 hounds where she shoots only pictures.


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