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Rest Stop, USA is an in-progress series of large format color portraits made at rest areas along American highways. Rest areas are democratic locations, everyone on a long road trip needs to stop at one eventually. These studied, formal portraits of the people I would meet along the way became mile markers of my progression down the road; chance encounters finding both myself and my subjects in a kind of neutral ground between our homes, our comforts, perhaps even our ideologies. This setting allowed a natural vulnerability to occur in the moment, pushed further by conversation and the presence of a large Speed Graphic camera, a disarming and unfamiliar sight to most people. This project, as much as it is an American road document, is also about the act of slowing down and engaging with each other, free of judgement and open to one another’s humanity. We’re all on the same long trip after all, and eventually we all need a Rest Stop. – Kent Meister


Kent Meister is a commercial and editorial portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His early background as an actor deeply inform his approach to portrait photography, making him keenly aware of how the medium can be used to reveal subtle layers of personality and character. Apart from taking on commissioned assignments, Kent is working on several long form personal projects ranging from the world of New York independent theater to a road document focused on portraits of travelers at rest areas along American highways. He is an alumnus of the University of Tulsa and New York City’s School of Visual Arts with a Masters in Digital Photography.
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