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As youth around the world are energetically stepping forward to organize policy changes to the status quo, taking on the challenge of reversing climate change and global warming and leadership roles in standing up for gun control, I see adults standing by and observing. I see these same qualities portrayed in this “Picasso’s Playground” photo series.
While mediating in the best interests of children in the Domestic Relations division of the Circuit Court, I was drawn to the iconic Picasso sculpture out my 10th floor office window overlooking Daley Plaza in Chicago. Drawn to the interplay of light and color that changed over the course of the workday, I noted the variety of children exercising their initiative, determination, confidence and courage, as well as their muscles, as they would climb and explore the incline of the Sculpture’s steel base. I was captivated by the energy of the children’s daring nature as they ventured upward, exploring the unknown, living life in the present moment.  The children’s free movements were in sharp contrast to most of the adults that I observed who either sat or stood passively at its base.  If they spoke to the children it was to urge them down.
Just as children of all races and creeds come together on an equal playing field (the Picasso) regardless of where in the city they came from, children from all over the world are working together to protect lives and the environment. – Yvette Meltzer


Yvette Meltzer enjoyed a variety of art media–drawing, painting, copper enamel work and photography–while growing up in Chicago where she was born and educated. She holds a B.A. in Sociology, an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and advanced certificates in Peace Education and Mediation.
Her passion for photography continued as she advanced in a fulfilling career in education, conflict resolution and court mediation until ultimately, photography has become her primary activity.
Her award-winning conceptual and fine art photography reflects her interest in people, the narratives of their lives, and the environments that shape them.  For the past three years she has been an active member of Artists for Action, Chicago, documenting social justice and the resistance movement.
She considers herself successful if she has created congruency between her values and her photography, motivating people to think and to feel and/or added pleasure through the aesthetics of her artistry.  Her photography has been exhibited in galleries across the US, north to south and east to west, and internationally in Beijing, Paris, and Barcelona. Ms. Meltzer’s photographs have been featured in publications including Lenscratch, F-stop and Don’t Take Pictures, Fabricare, Musee, Mockingbird and SHOTS.  Her work is also held in several private collections.


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Nancy is the Publisher and Founding Editor of South x Southeast photomagazine. She is also the Director of South x Southeast photoworkshops, and Shopkeeper for SxSEshop.com, the online store for original photographic works of art. She resides on her farm in Georgia with 4 hounds and a one-eyed cat where she shoots only pictures.
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